Monday, August 16, 2010

Foil, Fingers and Fractured Distal Phalanx

Once again, my mother is typing for me, BUT the reason this time is much more dramatic.

Today, at a homeschooling picnic, I was fulfill my 15 minutes of required P.E. time (and you think we don't have "gym"?)  As I used exercise equipment at the park, my fingers were crushed by a misguided youth, who inadvertently slammed the neighboring piece of iron bar into my digits of BOTH hands.  I spurted and dripped hemoglobin and plasma carelessly as I ran to my mother, who lounged (*lounged?!? says mom*)  a 1/2 mile away. 

I wasn't very valiant, but I withstood the pain as waves of nausea and feelings of faintness came over me. 

My mother rushed me to the ER at SOCH.  Props to those nurses. (holla!)  After a ride in a wheelchair and hospital bed, a couple of xrays on BOTH hands, and TOO many needles,they performed a "re-insertion" of my fingernail bed (yes, it looked as gross and painful as it sounds) derma-bonded by skin shut on my left hand.  Ice was prescribed for my right hand.  Both hands will lose fingernails, one maybe permanently.  EPIC!!

You may be wondering, why I have foil wrapped around my splinted finger? (lovingly named Oswald - for it has its own heartbeat now)  I have an ice wrap around the splint and the foil keeps it contained and cold.

After a long day of perseverance and much medication,  I lay - eating my bowl of cereal (honey nut o's) watching a NEW episode of Cake Boss. 

That is all.

Signing off,
The Unsocial Homeschooler
Current read:  101 Ways to Survive a Traumatic Injury


  1. so sorry for you trauma, but glad you got to chillax with the "boss". (my fav)-Mrs."F"

  2. Amber, I just read your post.....nobody believed me when I told them your finger nail had been ripped out from the back end!!! I am soooo sorry for all the pain. I'll be praying that your fingernails heal (both of them). PS - I'm the mom that held your arm while Mom called the doctor & got the car! Hope to see you again under better circumstances! God Bless!

  3. Hey, Sorry about your hand. One of my friends fell and cut her wrist on the back of an ice skate, and got a really bad stitched up scar.
    That had to have been a year ago, and she still has it. Yeah. People think she tried to kill herself, poor girl.

    Anyway, Get better soon! All my love, Shelly.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about this Amber! I hope you are feeling a little more pain free.... However, I must say, this has been my favorite blog yet! :-)

  5. Hey Ambie! How are you? I feel so bad about your absolutely disgusting injury! But just know that your boy cousins think it is boss. They love gorey battle scars but they do feel bad for all the pain you had to endure. We love you Amber! oxoxxoxo

  6. How are you healing? When we will be able to see that finger again? LOL You're such a good sport! Missing you here at the shop :)


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