Monday, August 2, 2010

Medieval Times, Mexicans, and Mancala

I've missed you, fellow followers.
Before I start, I must give a holla to Shelly, for stalking me when I thought she disappeared.

This weekend was filled with falling in love with knights, hot tubs, and jet-skis.
Let me start from the beginining.
First off we started the weekend with an excellent trip to Medieval Times, where I met the black-and-white knight of my dreams. As a plus, He threw me a flower, after he kissed it. AND he's a mexican (a Mexican knight?) to top it off.

Then later on, followed  with a fabulous youth group pool party. Yes, I went 107 miles per hour on a jetski in the bay, and I loved it. (Little  to my mother's knowledge)

I shall uplaod more pictures later.

I now depart, as I prepare for my mancala tournament.
The Unsocial Homeschooler
Current Read: A Murder for Her Majesty, by Beth Hilgartner

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  1. Ok - I DO know. OH and make sure you spell-check before you post. You make your teacher look bad. ;-D


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