Monday, July 26, 2010

Mothers, Kiddie Pools and Musings

Here marks the first documentation of the Unsocial Homeschooler.  So, here I sit with my mother typing this for me because I'm grounded from using the computer.  But it's all good.  Us homeschoolers enjoy having our mothers do everything for us.  We are completely incapable to do things on our own.

Ok, enuff about this minor inconvenience.  Now onward, to more positive notions. 

I thought that I would post so you can know a little about me, before you start "following" my blog, because I know you want to. (FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW!)

Some things I enjoy doing are frolicking in fields, making crowns of daisies and swimming in my blow up pool out back.  I'm so hardcore. 

So, here's to long summer days filled with musings from the epic life of an unsocial homeschooler.


  1. I'll take a crown of daisies!

  2. <3 Umm... Didn't even need to read your first blog before clicking the follow button.

    Loooove the profile pic! Awesome!

  3. What am I getting myself into? I've a feeling I just opened Pandora's box...

  4. Just promise me you'll keep writing. You are not allowed to post 2 or 3 times and leave all your fans hanging. I will bug you. I know where you live and I will bug you. With love of course. :)

  5. Shh, Mrs. Loux, you can't post as nana.
    I'm keeping my identity a secret.
    But I owe you a daisy crown, yes i do.

  6. Omg. Hai Ambie!!! It's Shelly! Yay! I stalk everyone so I found this. xDDD. I miss you!
    And love you! Keep writing!



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