Tuesday, July 27, 2010

(Green) Water, Webkinz and Wisdom

I still sit here grounded.  But soon I shall have freedom - tomorrow!  Rejoice in this dear readers, REJOICE!!! 

After I finished my post yesterday, a few exciting thing happened that only a homeschooler would appreciate:  a deadly, very disturbing library fire in my backyard*, swimming in an algae-filled pool at the neighbors (no offense "neighbors"), all topped off with my nightly bowl of cereal (she bought the honey-nut cheerios!!)  But today, best of all, our DUMPSTER came!!!  In the process of rolling off the dumpster, my squirrel-dog almost got flattened.  However, I saved her just in time.  -bow-

The Dumpster - seconds
after I saved my squirrel-dog
Today, I will begin offering my daily words of wisdom.  Since I started the blog yesterday, I'll have to give you 2 today to catch up.

1)  Nothing stays free for long.

2)  Good things come in small packages, but the best things in life you can't even see.

I've concluded #1 because the whole worlds of Webkinz and Club Penguin are going down the drain.  I can't have one moment of peace because all my little sisters do is bug my mother to pay $14.99 (plus tax) to play online games that, in my day** used to be free to all.

I have no explanation for #2.  Figure it out, dear readers, yourself.

Signing off,
The Unsocial Homeschooler
Current Read:  Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande Velde (expect book review by Friday)

* Please note this fire was not deadly, dangerous, or actually even a fire.  Just a smokey lightbulb.  But it's newsworthy because the fire trucks came, right?

** "My day" was in 2008-2009 when Webkinz were still cool.  holla!


  1. Amber, you are pretty rad! I definitely enjoyed reading this.... do you read often? You have quite the vocabularly.

    Sounds like you're not missing out at all not being in school. It is always interesting when fire trucks are involved....

  2. Why yes. Reading is a favorite of mine.
    Under rated, non the less, but still fabulous.


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