Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's this?

Why look here! An updated blog! I know, the name is...unoriginal. But I decided calling it "Amber Alert: an orginial blog" wasn't quite appropriate. So, if you can think of some magical, fabulous name, leave me a comment!

So I've recently returned from an eventful trip. My parents took off to Florida for 5 days and left the rest of the bandwagon with out of state family. While I'd much rather be tanning at the beach,we three kiddos had alot of fun. So here's the top five things that happened:

1: I took a fantastic spill on the ice, cutting up my face and receiving a fabulous black eye.

2: Worked an 10 hour shift at my grandparent's coffee shop/bakery outside of Phildelphia. The money I made is going towards the get-Amber-a-new-pair-of-pointe-shoes fund.

3: Spent endless hours playing Dutch blitz, possible THE funnest game ever invented.

4: Watched my cousin T. absolutely cream C.B. West Highschool during his swim meet. //laughs unmercilessly.//

5: Re-read the Hunger Games! [Watch for my new blog post about this one!]

So, that concludeds my post from my new blog. Until next time!

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